Strategic Case Management

Discovery Referee Cases Handled by Katherine Gallo

High Rise Construction Defect and Fraud in ongoing litigation against the building’s developers as well as adjacent properties for significant defects in a luxury high rise condominium. Responsibilities included case management, creating a discovery plan, coordinating deposition schedule, rulings during depositions.

Construction Delay and Fraud action against a major general contractor and an architect involving a design build, multi-prime public works project. Responsibilities included case management, coordinating discovery, pre-approval of discovery, rulings during depositions and rulings on discovery motions.

Consumer Fraud action against a mortgage payment company. Responsibilities included case management, pre-approval of discovery, in camera review of backup tapes, rulings on discovery motions.

Product Liability case against major cosmetic company involving claims of facial burns and permanent scarring from product usage. Responsibilities included ruling on discovery motions, in camera review of customer complaints to review third party privacy and relevance prior to production and supervising notice to those customers pursuant to Colonial Life (31 Cal. 3d 785).

Wage and Hour claims by 240 managers against a chain retail store. Responsibilities included case management, ruling on discovery motions, outlining procedure for trial and settlement negotiations.

Sexual Molestation action. Responsibilities included ruling on claims of attorney-client, marital, physician-patient, psychotherapist-patient, clergy-penitent and self-incrimination privileges at depositions.

Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment and Age Discrimination cases. Responsibilities included case management, rulings at depositions, in camera review of personnel records and rulings on discovery motions.

Family Law cases. Responsibilities have included court-supervised sale of property, case management, and rulings on discovery motions and trial issues.